Job title: Manager Entrepreneurship institute of Africa (EIA)
Duty Station: Kampala
Reports to: Managing Director Finding XY

About us:
Entrepreneurship Institute of Africa (EIA) is an online training and mentorship resource platform. The platform provides digital business development support though live training sessions and recorded video workbooks to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs in Africa.
Users get to work with experienced facilitators, access quality enterprises training courses, accredited academic courses, mentors, and business information.
Applicants get to compete to receive unsecured loans from our Access Finance Fund (this financial service is only applicable to Ugandans) and connect with other services offered by Finding XY. EIA is a service offered by Finding XY.
Finding XY is an innovation and management advisory firm located in Kampala Uganda.

Manager EIA Job Summary:
We are looking for an ambitious and energetic manager to expand the service and operations of EIA.
The officer will be responsible for the strategic growth of the service, its offering, and users/ subscribers in close collaboration with Managing Director of Finding XY.
Key tasks on which performance will be measured include:
1. Oversee the growth users and revenue generated including fees paid and fundraising.
2. Oversight on onboarding partner organizations to use the service.
3. Oversight and growth of trainings and courses offered on the platform.
4. Building relations with local and international Funders, INGOs, development agencies, Government or policy agencies, academia, and private Sector.
5. Oversight on marketing the platform to entrepreneurs, target SMEs and the public

General duties:
1) Oversee the growth of the service attracting applicants from Africa.
2) Screen applicants and select those to undertake the trainings.
3) Assist in integrating more courses on the platform and creating training schedules. |
4) Develop a growth strategy focused on the financial sustainability of the service.
5) Oversee the improvement of the platform ensuring improved user experience, technology advancement and service offerings. Program Coordination
6) Serve as liaison between EIA and the Finding XY team.
7) Recommend to the Managing Director of Finding XY the EIA program needs.
8) Assure effective program operations.
9) Assist in the development of Curriculums and courses.
10) Assist in developing and implementing program recruitment and retention of users.
11) Coordinate users of the platform including facilitators, coaches, lecturers, consultants, students and partners. Curriculum Development and Review
12) Coordinate the development, review, and recommendation plans for the academic programs. 
13) Coordinate and design the revision of courses and the non-academic services offered. Assessment
14) Oversee ongoing program assessment or General Education assessments in accordance with the Ministry of Education accreditation needs.
15) Analyze and share users learning outcome data and post program progress to foster continuous program involvement.
16) Evaluate periodically the assessment plan to assure continuous program improvement.

Work Experience:
This role requires experience in managing an online education program and entrepreneurship training with 3+ years of industry-relevant experience.

• A Bachelors or Advanced degree in Business Administration, IT, Economics, or a related field.

How to Apply:
• Send your Curriculum Vitae (*indicate three (3) professional references), Certified copies of academic certificates and transcripts to

Finding XY is an equal opportunity employer, both male and female candidates are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: 30th -April -2020 by 5pm.

For more information about this position, visit our website on
or call us on 0759-681-506