Ethical Business Practices

Ethical business practices refer to the principles and standards that guide the behavior and decision-making of a company in a manner that is morally... ....Read More

Marketing and Branding in Business Management

Marketing and branding are key concepts in business management that focus on promoting and differentiating a company's products or services in the... ....Read More


We are excited to share with you updates, insights and progress across our various projects; implemented and designed. In this newsletter, we share... ....Read More

Boosting Economic Activities in Refugee Communities in Uganda

Definition: An economic activity refers to any human effort that is aimed at producing, distributing, or consuming goods or services. Economic... ....Read More

April Newsletter

At Finding XY, the first quarter of 2023 is moving on rather well across the different implemented projects. In this newsletter, we share with you... ....Read More

Credit Management

Credit management Definition Credit management refers to the process of granting credit to your customers, setting payment terms and conditions to... ....Read More


Procurement Definition Procurement is the process of acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source. It is a critical function in any... ....Read More

Corporate Governance

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Definition Corporate governance to the set of processes, principles, and values that guide the management and control of a... ....Read More

March 2023 Newsletter

  At Finding XY, 2023 is moving on rather well across the different projects implemented! In this newsletter, we share with you updates on the Women... ....Read More

Form of Financing in Business

FINANCING Definition Financing is the process of providing funds for business activities. FORMS OF FINANCING There are only two forms of financing i.... ....Read More

February 2023 Newsletter

For Finding XY, 2023 began on a brighter and rather enlightening note, across the different projects we have designed and implemented! In this... ....Read More

Fraud Management

FRAUD Fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of information(financial) by one or more individuals among management, employees, or third parties.... ....Read More

Financial Instruments

FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS Financial instruments are contracts between individuals/parties that hold a monetary value. They can either be created, traded... ....Read More

Bridging the gender digital divide

Digital technologies have created new spaces for interaction and enabled new ways to connect, share experiences, work, and build communities. These... ....Read More

Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management is the process of evaluating and managing current and possible financial risks to decrease an organization’s exposure to... ....Read More

Innovation in business

Overview Technically, Innovation means to ‘renew’ or to ‘create something new.’ There are several definitions of innovation, and one of them looks at... ....Read More

A Guide to Pricing

Meaning of Pricing Pricing is a process of setting an amount or value of money for goods and services. Pricing is exercised to adjust the cost of the... ....Read More


  November has been a rather enlightening month at Finding XY across the different projects, we have designed and implemented! In this newsletter, we... ....Read More


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August/September 2022 Newsletter

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June/July 2022 Newsletter

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Join Our Team - Investment Associate

Job title: Investment Associate  Organization: Finding XY Ltd Duty Station: Kampala Reports to: Chief Operations Officer   About us: Founded in... ....Read More

 female led Agri-SMEs
Call for Expression of Interest: The WAII Facility support to female...

The Women in Agriculture Impact Investment (WAII) facility is a blended finance program that addresses the challenges of access to finance for female... ....Read More

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  Job title: Investment Associate Job Type: Full Time Organization: Finding XY Ltd Duty Station: Kampala Reports to: Managing Director   About us:... ....Read More


September Newsletter

96 Newsletter - September 2021 September has been an incredible month here at Finding XY, filled with a number of activities. We are... ....Read More