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Entreprenuership in Karamoja Sub-region and Refugee settings

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Finding XY Recognized at Gender Equality Seal Awards

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Quarterly Newsletter

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Investment Strategies

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The Role of Business Advisory in a Company's Success

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Project Management

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Leadership And Management

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Ethical Business Practices

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Marketing and Branding in Business Management

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Boosting Economic Activities in Refugee Communities in Uganda

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April Newsletter

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Credit Management

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Procurement Definition Procurement is the process of acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source. It is a critical function in any... ....Read More

Corporate Governance

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Definition Corporate governance to the set of processes, principles, and values that guide the management and control of a... ....Read More

March 2023 Newsletter

  At Finding XY, 2023 is moving on rather well across the different projects implemented! In this newsletter, we share with you updates on the Women... ....Read More

Form of Financing in Business

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February 2023 Newsletter

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Fraud Management

FRAUD Fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of information(financial) by one or more individuals among management, employees, or third parties.... ....Read More

Financial Instruments

FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS Financial instruments are contracts between individuals/parties that hold a monetary value. They can either be created, traded... ....Read More

Bridging the gender digital divide

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Financial Risk Management

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Innovation in business

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A Guide to Pricing

Meaning of Pricing Pricing is a process of setting an amount or value of money for goods and services. Pricing is exercised to adjust the cost of the... ....Read More