Our Programmes

SEED is a global partnership for action on sustainable development and the inclusive green economy supporting innovative small and growing enterprises. The SEED Uganda Hub was established in 2019 to... ....Read More

Cente Ya Kikazi (CYK) - is designed to create a safe space for female entrepreneurs. CYK aims at accelerating the efforts to improve access to finance, skills strengthening and creating an innovative... ....Read More

Finding XY and Adelphi are implementors of  the Uganda Green Enterprise Finance Accelerator (UGEFA) Program. UGEFA is a fully EU-funded programme that aims to facilitate the flow of green finance... ....Read More

The TEMARIN project focus is on strengthening domestic markets for climate technologies, removing bottlenecks for domestic firms operating in these markets and increasing cooperation among private... ....Read More

Starting up a business is typically a challenging process and is hard for both the abled and the disabled. Thus, the barriers that entrepreneurs with disabilities face can create further challenges... ....Read More

Entrepreneurship Institute of Africa (EIA) is a business Institute that provides business development support to entrepreneurs through capacity-building programs/courses, and mentorship. EIA has... ....Read More

Our Vision

To be the leading business advisory firm and partner in the world.

Our Mission

To provide enterprise solutions to SMEs and eco system builders through business advisory services that involve enterprise support, investment and project consulting.

Our Strategy

To progressively identify and build strong relationships with eco system builders who are a fit to our mission.

We inspire and create opportunities to overcome poverty in Africa.


I write to say thank you! For showing your support to our local entrepreneurial scene. It is because of men like you that our continent will resound it’s pride! Towards prosperity and beyond!

Arnold Mugagga -Winner Total Startupper 2019

ZETU AFRICA-Managing Director

Our questions were answered by Seed through the seed replicator workshop that I finally attended and from the many models that we discussed finally we had to find a model to replicate and push as a company for after the workshop, I also heard to meet my team members to discuss how best we could move forward.

Julius Birungi

Cocoa Grower

Five students at the University of Minnesota were studying deforestation in Uganda and its underlying causes. After discovering that charcoal use was a major driver behind the nations shrinking forests, they began to look at ways to promote sustainable alternatives to charcoal, such as briquettes, which are made from recycled organic waste.

Maggie Kristian

Kaloli Energy

I was only growing maize for sale but after switch Africa green Seed replicator workshop, am developing my business Idea called Norlan Uganda Maize Millers and animal feeds. I have started on the process of Value addition where am saving some money to add on the loan I want to borrow so that I can buy a milling machine, to start parking posho and animal feeds.

Ninsiima Olyvia

Bagezza Sacco ltd

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