The East African community has a market of over 146 million consumers however organizations expanding their operations to and within the market are impended by cultural barriers, stringent policies and other local market technicalities. Through Finding XY promotional companies and individuals that are able to expanding their operations, products and services in East Africa easily.

Out Services include;

  1. Feasibility study: We carry out project or preliminary analysis and market surveys
  2. Business promotion: Includes Business registration, putting in place a board, identifying offices e.t.c
  3. Operational setup: Networking, Human resource training, Business plan, and Office set up.

Other benefits:
Finding XY provides you with opportunities such as;

  • Advancing your scaling up process
  • Reduce on the risks of starting a business in a new location
  • Opportunity to increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Provide you a Low cost effective strategy