Sector i.e Agriculture, Energy, Arts/Entertainment, Plastics etc: 
Renewable Energy
About the Business: 

Founder: Aurthur Wony.
Khainza Energy produces clean, affordable, long lasting cooking gas and packages it in cylinders for sale to low income households in Uganda. The gas is produced entirely from organic waste through biochemical processes and burns with no smoke, no smell and yet costs less than charcoal.

Khainza Energy is currently supplying the product to 37,800 women in 315 parishes across Uganda with a production facility of a capacity to produce only 15m3 of gas daily. With further funding, Khainza Energy will establish a plant with the capacity to produce 300m3 of gas daily, giving many more people access to a much-needed product.

Cooking set comprising of a cylinder of either 8kgs or 15kgs, stove and pressure gauge.

Support Needed: 

Equity and debt investment