Newsletter June – July  2022

We have had amazing past months with insightful activities. In this newsletter, we share highlights from our different projects across sectors. We share highlights from our recently concluded webinar on Unlocking Investment opportunities in Female-led Agri-SMEs, updates on Mainstreaming ambition – Vulnerable Youth in Business practical business and financial training for the IEG representatives, and SEED business model replicator program. Each of these events are core to what we do at Finding XY – designing and implementing innovative projects that provide access to low-risk capital, capacity development and market-based research to support entrepreneurs and Eco- System Builders to address Climate Change and create a social impact. Please receive our June – July News update.

Eddie Sembatya,



Women in Agriculture Impact Investment Facility

Unlocking Investment Opportunities  for Women in Agri-SMEs 

On July 5, 2022, Finding XY in partnership with Proodos Capital organised an agricultural investment forum to bring together impact investors, Agri-SMEs, development agencies, government representatives and others to bring focus to the much-needed investment in Agriculture. The panel included: Felicity Jones – Co-founder and Co-Director, SDG Changemakers; Hilary Barry - Founder and General Secretary, Lady-Agri Impact Investment Hub; Anne Maftei – Portfolio Lead, Value For Women; and Judith Ngonyo - Investment Manager, Goodwell Investments. The speakers explored investment opportunities in Agri-SMEs, mechanisms for sourcing a quality pipeline, investment readiness for Agri-SMEs, technical assistance required, investor portfolio performance management and de-risking investments in the sector. 

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Finding XY established the Women in Agriculture Impact Investment (WAII) facility to accelerate investment to Agri-SMEs, across the value chain using a blend of instruments and a gender lens approach. 

Women in Agriculture Impact Investment facility WAII Facility call for applications commenced in June 2022.  The facility has so far received 97 companies expressing interest! At the moment, 10 companies have been selected to undergo due diligence. The visits validate the project thesis on how agriculture is indeed the number one source of employment in Uganda. The Agri-SMEs run complex supply chains, under multiple operations;  however, limited access to capital has not allowed them to realize their full potential, while others have not fully recovered from the COVID19 pandemic impact.

WAII is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets Activity and is implemented by Finding XY.


Light for the World 

Training Report Mainstreaming Ambition; Vulnerable Youth in Business Project

We are happy to announce that we conducted a Mainstreaming ambition – Vulnerable Youth in Business practical business and financial training for the IEG representatives.

The practical learning and exposure training aimed at equipping beneficiaries with diverse business and financial skills and knowledge which can be implemented in their existing businesses, or start-up new ventures in the value chains. The training had guiding principles that employed special needs inclusivity, practical approaches and the use of proven take-home manuals which enabled effective delivery of training to persons with disabilities. 110 Participants (in groups of eight or cohorts) were trained in Apiary, poultry, fruit and vegetable production, goat farming and rabbitry, cereal banking and post-harvest investment, nursery management and seedling production, piggery, fish farming and bar soap making.

The programme is implemented by Light For The World (LFTW) as project lead, together with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD), Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE), and Standard Chartered Bank. The project aims to generate decent work for vulnerable youth with a focus on young women and youths with disabilities through either waged employment or self-employment in the districts of Moroto, Lira, Gulu, Arua and Wakiso.


Seed Replicator

Peec energy and Eco pick Business Model Replicators 

Exciting! We held a seed business model replicator for Peec Energy and Eco Pick. The seed replicator ready support is designed to make established entrepreneurs understand the options for scaling up enterprises, growing externally and getting prepared to replicate their enterprise. Replicating a business model means that a business takes parts of an existing model and adapts it to enter new markets, either in new geographic areas or through new stakeholder groups. This allows the business to grow while maximizing impact on the ground. The Replication Ready Support aims to help enterprises with finding suitable partners for this endeavour. The 2-day in-person program training delivered by Finding XY, allows enterprises to learn, ideate, network and connect with other motivated business innovation leaders. 

Seed works directly with growing enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs in their Enterprise Support programs to strategies, and optimize and award achievements in eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. All our participating enterprises receive a comprehensive SEED Support Package of tailored business and capacity-building support, networking, and profiling at the national and international levels.