Uganda Green Enterprise Finance Accelerator (UGEFA) engages motivated entrepreneurs and teams that deliver impact through their green business. To help businesses scale their activities and impact through accessing debt financing, UGEFA looks at multiple criteria to determine if the programme is a good fit, and if our support is likely to help an enterprise secure a loan. These criteria are assessed over a multi-step process, starting with registration, through to application and shortlisting.

Describing your business on paper, and detailing your plans to scale is no easy feat. To support enterprises to put their best foot forward and navigate the UGEFA application process, we offer Application Clinics and Information Sessions. These sessions provide more information about the application process, what to expect, what we are looking for, and methodologies and tips and tricks for how to describe what your business is doing.

Unable to attend these sessions? You are welcome to learn more about the UGEFA programme and application process.

Are you an enterprise in involved in our target sectors (Gree Manufacturing, Sustainable Tourism, Clean Energy, Waste Management or Sustainable Mobility/Transport), and looking to grow?

If so, take the chance to register your interest in the UGEFA programme and sign up for an Application Clinic or Information Session here: