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About the Business: 

Founder: Orisa Raphael Jawino
Divine Masters Ltd (DML) started with the aim of stimulating sustainable quality, environmentally friendly, and climatically resilient soybean, rice & maize production in Uganda. It produces and buys soybean, rice, and maize grains from smallholder farmers to sell them locally and in the regional markets.

DML currently operates in Eastern, Northern, and Midwestern Uganda where it provides lead farmers with trainings on good agronomic practices, basic business management, financial literacy (including savings and credit management to promote financial inclusion of women & youth), post-harvest handling, quality management, and marketing.

DML gives credit services to farmers through their respective SACCOS for certified Seeds. It provides networks to help farmers make better choices, and offers them a ready market for their produce.

Support Needed: 

Equity and debt investment