Access Finance Fund (AFF) provides financial and non-financial support to MSMEs. Enterprises in the Entrepreneurship Institite of Africa (EIA) get the opportunity to receive short term loans from the Loan fund. Such loans support both capital and operational expenditures. With ticket sizes as low as $500 to $10,000 entrepreneurship school enterprises are enabled to meet their pressing growth needs.  

  • Vision

To be the leading provider of capital to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) In East Africa and beyond.

  • Mission

To provide easy access to capital through Impact loans to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through understanding our clients’ needs and provision of the best financing option to our clients based on their needs.

Business Objectives:

The overall objective of Access Finance Fund (AFF) is to increase easy access to affordable finance by MSMEs and to promote sustainable business operations and growth avenues through;

  • Continuous coaching and mentoring of enterprises on the suitable financing options that are unique to each enterprise
  • Reducing the stringent access to finance requirements set by the commercial banks which limits some potential businesses from accessing finance, for instance, high collateral requirements which may be valued at twice the required amount
  • Encouraging business owners to take up finance in order to meet their market demand and expand to the new markets that have not been reached out.
  • Reducing the cost of borrowing to below the commercial bank rates for the enterprises to make meaningful returns to their businesses and also impact the communities in which they are operating in.
  • Building strong partnerships with the Impact enterprises thus improving livelihoods and to achieve sustainable development

How it works:

AFF works directly with MSMEs to understand their financial needs and then provide appropriate financing need options suitable for each enterprise. In addition, AFF also extends professional Business Advisory services (BDS) to the Business Enterprises using the team of experts and investors we are currently working with. The selected enterprises are also be engaged in continuous mentoring and coaching to develop their capacities in the areas of leadership, strategic management, and strong and meaningful Partnerships for the enterprises.

How unique is AFF?

Our approach is to boost access to financing for the MSMEs through the provision of customized digital social capital assessment of applicants and determination of their financing needs through our capacity development programs. Our focus is on debt financing because it gives an enterprise address immediate financing needs including cash flow shortages, new product launch, operations expenses, and capital expenditure. The interest on the loans is marginally ranging between 10-15 percent depending on the enterprise risk assessment through our digital platform. The payment periods are usually be agreed with the entity. Debt is provided for the periods not exceeding 18 months years. All enterprises that receive financing from AFF always receive expert support in the areas that are relevant and or unique to each enterprises’ success.


For any inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Fred Opio – Programme Lead


Tel: +256 759 681506