The Women in Agriculture Impact Investment (WAII) facility is a blended finance program that addresses challenges of access to finance for Agri-SMEs across the East-African region using a gender lens approach. The facility seeks to empower women by facilitating investment in inclusive business models that increase women’s leadership in business and engage women more in supply chains that offer income-generating opportunities to increase productivity and improve household livelihoods. Globally,female entrepreneurs struggle to access financial services due to lack of collateral (e.g. ownership of property), cultural restrictions, differing attitudes toward borrowing financing and limited access to affordable investment services or tailored technical assistance. Finding XY established the WAII Facility to accelerate early growth stage of SMEs investment using a blend of instruments and a gender lens approach through bridge financing cover and loan-discount approach using Covid-19 relief investment support. 

Through the facility successful businesses will benefit from:

  1. Low risk Investment from Impact Investors. Minimum USD 50K and above.   
  1. Tailored business advisory and Deal closure support with our expert team.  
  1. New partnerships and network growth. 

Programme Objective

  • Identify and provide tailored advisory and financial solutions to agri-enterprises to adapt and improve operations to succeed in raising capital.  
  • Strengthen inclusion of women, youth, and displaced persons across the agriculture value chain using a gender lens approach.   
  • Leverage financing from DFIs and development agencies to unlock private capital. 

Expected outcome 

  • Agri SMEs getting increased access to support-services and low risk capital 
  • Agri SMEs scaling up their operations creating more social and environmental impact. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You have a minimum turnover of USD 100k.  
  • Have female representation at ownership, or management or across your value chain.  
  • Your business should have been in existence for at least 2 years. 
  • Should be seeking to raise above USD 50K in debt or equity investment. 
  • Should have operations within East-African countries. 
  • Should be registered as a private company limited by shares or guarantee in the country of operation. 
  • Have audited statements for at least 2 years  

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