Finding XY and Adelphi are implementors of  the Uganda Green Enterprise Finance Accelerator (UGEFA) Program. UGEFA is a fully EU-funded programme that aims to facilitate the flow of green finance into the Ugandan SMEs sector through strengthening green SMEs and improving available financial mechanisms for SME debt financing. UGEFA facilitates access to discounted loans in collaboration with partner banks and provides business advisory for green SMEs to scale their contributions to an environmentally sustainable, resilient and inclusive economy in Uganda.

The program targets enterprises across green manufacturing, sustainable tourism, waste management, sustainable transport and clean energy sectors, to develop the business and financial skills needed to access financing and scale their positive environmental impacts and employment contributions.

UGEFA’s objectives include:

  • Engage green enterprises through a 3-stage programme of capacity building workshops and peer mentoring sessions to improve their business models, financial systems and capabilities, and prepare for external financing. 
  • Co-create financial mechanisms with financial institutions that address challenges in financing green SMEs, making the case for green SME financing.
  • Build a supportive ecosystem around the green SMEs by training business development advisors, preparing trainings for financial institutions, and creating a green finance community, including through annual Green Finance Dialogue Fora.

Expected Outcomes: 

  • 200 enterprises supported through the Catalyser Programme to prepare for external financing. 
  • 100 enterprises successfully submitted applications to commercial banks in Uganda to access tailored loan finance
  • 100 enterprises received tailored loan finance and benefitted from one-on-one advisory to absorb the funding
  • Green Finance Dialogue Fora provided a platform for networking and exchange