Incorporated in 2017, Soya Solutions E.A Limited (SSEAL) is a company focused on developing sustainable, commercial soybean value chain operations in emerging markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. SSEAL is an innovative soybean value chain development company with opportunities to invest in soybean processing for food, feed and more in a part of the world that has attractive natural resources but lacks best-in-class agricultural technology adapted to local conditions, modern farming techniques, appropriate equipment, and management expertise.

The company deals in soybean grain and quality declared seed produced by the farmers themselves. The seed varieties include Mak Soy 3N, 4N, 5N and 6N which are drought tolerant, early maturing and more resistant to pod shattering. Currently, SSEAL is working with 3,000 farmers out of which 1,199 are women  who are mostly youths between the age of 20-35 in Pader, Gulu and Omoro to support soybean production, aggregation, marketing, and processing as a way of enhancing household income, fighting poverty and unemployment in the greater North.
While working with these farmers, SSEAL realized further that most rural farmers have limited access to soybean seeds and because of that, they are recycling soybeans, selling part as grain and replanting part as seed. Recycling soybean for more than 4 generations, has direct effect on its yield and productivity. It is common to find farmers harvesting 3 bags on an acre even after following all good agronomic practices. Aiding farmers to produce soybean grain to the required quantity start with access to quality seeds. There is therefore urgent need to establish a community seed production system.

It’s against this background that SSEAL set out to establish a social enterprise to address the above challenges through access to weather index insurance services to mitigate against total crop loss, using high yielding, early maturing and drought tolerant varieties of soybean seeds poor quality, low yielding soybean seed Improper post-harvest handling practices employed by farmers such as threshing of soybean by beating on bare ground among others.

The enterprise joined the Women in Agriculture Impact Investment (WAII) Facility in 2022 when the call for applications was rolled out. It is among the 18 Agri-SMEs that were selected for the first investment advisory cycle. Finding XY established the Women in Agriculture Impact Investment (WAII) Facility to accelerate early growth stage of SMEs investment using a blend of instruments and a gender lens approach through bridge financing cover and loan-discount approach using Covid relief investment support.

WAII is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets Activity and is implemented by Finding XY.

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