The application for the 2019 Professional Fellows Program on Inclusive Disability Employment is now open! The program is focused on economic empowerment of people with disabilities through building the capacity of mid-level professionals promoting employment of people with disabilities. We are looking for 10 individuals from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, aged 25 to 40 and with a minimum of 2 years’ experience to participate in a five week exchange program at U.S. university centres for disability. The fall cohort fellows will be in the U.S from April October 16th to November 23rd 2019. We are looking for applications from a diverse pool of applicants including the government, academia, civil society organizations, private sector etc. People from various geographical regions including rural communities, people with disabilities and women are highly encouraged to apply.We highly encourage you to check out the new application form and re-apply to the program. It contains more detailed guidelines on the quality of responses expected for each essay question. There are several fellows who have applied to the program more than once and were eventually accepted! Apply by June 9th 2019!