Located in Luwero District, Kive Farm Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Ltd is a sole proprietorship Agri-SME that specializes in pineapple farming with sweet cayenne as the predominant specie. The Agri-SME was founded in 2010 with an objective to create access to reliable markets and boosting production through buying pineapples that have reached the flowering stage from farmers.

Due to the inconsistencies in production of quality and the right quantity of pineapples, the informal nature of doing business, poor farming methods and poor postharvest handling, Kive Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables provides investment support in terms of farm inputs and financial support to plant new gardens, as the management of the mature ones is taken up by the Agri-SME from which harvesting is done in two seasons over a period of one and a half years.

The SME also offers access to a consistent market to farmers for their pineapples through buying from them in bulk which enables them to open up new gardens hence boosting production. This way, they are also able to address other personal and family needs as well thereby eliminating losses due wastages and exploitation in price.

Over the years, Kive Farm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables has transitioned from being small subsistence farmers that grew pineapples on one acre to an SME that grows pineapples on 15 acres and a remarkable increase in revenue. The Agri-SME has also grown its client base 1pc retail village consumer to large corporate consumers such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets, and intends to start exporting fruits and vegetables to Dubai.

The enterprise recently  joined the Women in Agriculture Impact Investment (WAII) Facility. It is among the 18 Agri-SMEs that have been selected for the first investment advisory cycle. Finding XY established the Women in Agriculture Impact Investment (WAII) Facility to accelerate early growth stage of SMEs investment using a blend of instruments and a gender lens approach through bridge financing cover and loan-discount approach using Covid relief investment support.

WAII is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Feed the Future Uganda Inclusive Agricultural Markets Activity and is implemented by Finding XY.

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