The world's challenges are increasingly complex, affecting all levels, industries and sectors, happening at an even faster pace and creating completely new framework conditions. We want to contribute by supporting brave people and organizations in Uganda that want to adopt an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to address the challenges and be part of the mission to ensure good lives and sustainable development.

Rethinking how to solve the challenges and creating new, valuable and sustainable solutions requires not only courage, but also competence and ability to innovate. For that to happen, Uganda needs more leaders that want to create positive change without necessarily reinventing the wheel but effectively utilizing the available resources.

This is exactly why Tinkr and Finding XY have decided to join forces to co-create an executive innovation course to bring innovators and leaders together and strengthen the innovation ability of Ugandan organizations. Tinkr is a Norwegian organization that specializes in creativity, innovation and organizational development with the objective of accelerating positive change.

The Executive Innovation Course will address questions such as;

  • What is innovation really, why is it important and how can it be a useful tool?
  • How can you build an innovative organization - not only an innovative solution or project?
  • Leadership – how to manage and facilitate innovation in your organization and team?
  • How can you work strategically with marketing and business thinking to succeed with your efforts?

The Course will be offered through  Entrepreneurship Institute of Africa (EIA), an eLearning Institute with several programs directed at supporting entrepreneurs. EIA is a subsidiary of Finding XY.

Hear it from the CEOs!

«The Tinkr team is excited to partner with the team of Finding XY. With our combined knowledge and experience in innovation, creativity, leadership and business development we truly believe that we can accelerate positive change by supporting current and future innovators and intrapreneurs in Uganda» - Kristian Wengen, CEO Tinkr

«For Business growth and sustainability, SMEs and Employees in the Corporate World equally need leadership and intrapreneurship skills. Finding XY is proud to partner with Tinkr to provide proven materials and engagements to advance these skills in Uganda and beyond» - Eddie Sembatya, CEO Finding XY

Does this Course sound interesting? Stay tuned! For more information, feel free to reach out to us on: | | +256 759 681506

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