Entrepreneurship Institute of Africa (EIA) is programme that provides commercialized Business Development Services (BDS) aimed at supporting both established and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The Programme provides enterprise solutions that enhance business growth through structured and proven business training & mentorship programmes. EIA has embraced the eLearning transformations where most of the courses are purely online. EIA Programmes are diversified in a comprehensive manner where crucial business fundamentals are elaboratively and interactively covered. EIA is hosted by Finding XY.

Learn more about EIA's latest Programme, The StartUp Training.


This training supports early-stage entrepreneurs through the stages of business conceptualization, design, organization, management, and identification of funding strategies. The StartUp training follows a fully-fledged and structured training model where participating entrepreneurs receive post-training support in form of technical support and access to Start-up financing options to enable the enterprises to meet their potential growth needs.

The StartUp Training takes a maximum duration of Nine (9) weeks

  • What entrepreneurs learn

The training is delivered in five phases/levels: 1. Idea/Business Discovery (Customer Analysis, Problem-Solution Fit, Team Building) 2. Designing your product/service (Visual Prototyping, Pitching, Target Market analysis, Lean Enterprise Blueprint/Business canvas, and Branding) 3. Testing your service/product in the market (Test your idea, Test Methods, Customer Experience Analysis, Relationship Mapping, Expanding your network) 4. Refining your product or service (Refine Insights, Strategic-Business-Environment-Analysis, Understanding-Impact, Marketing &Distribution Channels, Go2 Market, and Finance Startup) 5. Demonstrating to raise funds (Funding Strategy, Advanced Pitching)

  • Mode of delivery
  1. Live Sessions

Under Live sessions, you virtually interact with the coaches and your fellow entrepreneurs at the same time. The sessions are based on a highly interactive model where participants, with guidance from the coach, share thoughts and ideas with each other. Participants also receive individual sessions with coaches, where their enterprise is critically analyzed. Successful and inspirational entrepreneurs/business owners are hosted on specific live sessions to share their experience and tips with the participants.

We currently have an open call for applications:

How to register: visit signup.eiafrica.net

Training duration: 9 weeks, once a week for 2 hours

Training fee: $135

     2. Video Tutorials (Coming Soon)

Video tutorials are the pre-recorded versions of the training material. The EIA tutors chronologically break down the different learning topics, with relevant examples. Reference material is also available for further revision.

How to register: visit Register Vid-Tutorials

Training completion time: 9 weeks

Training fee: $54

  • Contact:

For any inquiries, please contact:

Merab Twinomugisha – Programme Lead
Email: hello@eiafrica.net
Tel: +256 759 681506 .