Eco Pick, the 2021 SEED award winner is a social enterprise which offers garbage collection, and environmental awareness services whose mission is to provide a waste management system that reduces, recycles, reuses and properly disposes off domestic, clinical, and industrial waste in order to create clean and green cities in Africa.

Eco Pick employs the Eco Dumps model to provide access to affordable waste management services and is currently building capacity and networks that will enable commencement of offering different recycled products like garbage bins, compost, shredded plastics and metal. 

Through the Eco Dumps model, Eco pick provides access to affordable waste management services to poor urban households which reduces rudimentary, unsafe and poor waste disposal methods like road side dumping, open waste burning and dumping in forested areas. This in turn reduces spread of infectious diseases, creates more jobs, and reduce green house gas emissions, CO2 and methane leading to overall reduction on the effects of climate change.



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