D-Prize is a call to the world’s boldest social entrepreneurs. Who Should Apply? You should have enormous ambition, and can imagine yourself as a successful entrepreneur. You are ready to launch your new venture, and - if a pilot proves successful – you are excited to grow it into a world changing organization. If you are still a student or have an existing job, you should have a clear idea how to transition into a full-time founder.

D-Prize is exclusively interested in ventures that will scale distribution of an already proven poverty intervention in the developing world. They do not fund prototypes of new interventions. Up to 25 of the most promising proposals will be selected for funding awards (seed grants of up to $20,000), regardless of which challenge track was selected. An ideal D-Prize candidate or candidate team is focused on distributing a proven poverty intervention in the fields of education, girls’ education, agriculture, energy, global health, and governance and infrastructure (see our challenges for more details).The next Global Competition is now live. Learn more and apply at www.d-prize.org.