CYK is a digital startup designed to support micro and small female-owned businesses access loans ranging from Ugx 1.8M to Ugx 18M in Uganda. CYK aims at accelerating the efforts to improve access to finance, business development and creating an innovative and effective economic atmosphere for Women-led Small & Medium Enterprises (WSMEs).The program builds a pipeline of investable small and micro female-owned businesses, facilitating their access to credit.

The rationale for CYK s that while formal Women-Led SMEs represent 31 to 38 percent of all SMEs in emerging markets, the average growth rate of women’s enterprises is significantly lower than the average growth rate of SMEs run by men. Several factors including difficulties in access to finance and capacity building have contributed to the slow growth of women-owned businesses. The objective of CYK is to develop the capacity of female entrepreneurs by removing barriers that hinder them from accessing affordable support services and tailored technical assistance.

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For more information, please contact Project Lead:

Johnson Asiimwe | | +256 759 681506

Eligibility Criteria

  •  Entrepreneur has a profitable business idea or business, or potential for profitability.
  •  Committed to working full-time in the business.
  •  Fully or majority owned by a female.
  • Engaged in any sector or trade that causes no harm to people and the planet.
  • Has a physical location/outlet with an online presence.
  • Seeking to grow the business through a microcredit line. 
  • Open to improving knowledge on running and growing a successful business.

Here are the top benefits to the female entrepreneurs: 

  • Business development support from expert Business Advisors focused on developing growth and financial plans to successfully scale their business 
  • Bankable business plans and financial models
  • Access to concessional business loans  
  • Strategic Partnerships and Networking Opportunities 
  • Awareness Training on Gender-related Issues 
  • Mentorship from experienced players in the business space.