Cente Ya Kikazi (CYK) - is designed to create a safe space for female entrepreneurs across East Africa. CYK aims at accelerating the efforts to improve access to finance, skills strengthening and creating an innovative and effective economic atmosphere for Women-led Small & Medium Enterprises (WSMEs). The program builds a pipeline of investable female-led enterprises, offering a revolving fund that provides low-cost capital and attracts further non- financial support and impact-oriented capital. 

The rationale for Cente Ya Kikazi is that while formal Women-Led SMEs represent 31 to 38 percent of all SMEs in emerging markets, the average growth rate of women’s enterprises is significantly lower than the average growth rate of SMEs run by men. Several factors including difficulties in access to finance and capacity building have contributed to the slow growth of women-owned businesses. The objective of CYK is to address the financing gap and skills shortcomings that prevent female-led  enterprises from growing their businesses and running them effectively.  CYK  is delivered through Entrepreneurship Institute of Africa (EIA) with support from  Finding XY (the parent body), Village Capital and Enventure

Are you a female entrepreneur? Do you support women-led enterprises? Cente Ya Kikazi is for you!

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Here are the top benefits to the female entrepreneurs: 

  • Business development support from expert Business Advisors focused on developing growth and financial plans to successfully scale their business 
  • Bankable business plans and financial models
  • Access to concessional business loans – selected viable enterprises to receive business loans of up to Ugx 7,500,000 with only a 40% collateral requirement. 
  • Strategic Partnerships and Networking Opportunities 
  • Awareness Training on Gender-related Issues 
  • Mentorship from experienced players in the business space.

Eligibility Criteria

Cente Ya Kikazi is for female-led enterprises with the following attributes:

  • The woman entrepreneur should own at least 80% of the enterprise
  • In operation for at least one (1) year in any East-African country.
  • Eligible sectors: Agriculture, Renewable Energy, ICT, Tourism, Manufacturing, Education, and Financial Services
  • The enterprise should be registered by a relevant body in the country of operation.
  • An enthusiastic & motivated team

Important notes

Training Duration: 9 weeks | once a week | 2 hrs

Mode of delivery: Online

Program fees: Ugx 500,000 (payable in instalments) - 25% discounts are available for group enrolments (of at least 3 women entrepreneurs being facilitated/enrolling under a network/group e.g. SACCO, VSLA, Cooperative, etc).

For more information, please contact the EIA Coordinator:

Merab Twinomugisha | merab.twinomugisha@eiafrica.net | +256 750 969560