Located in Bugiri district, Busoga Seed Solutions is an agri-Sme that buys and grows, clean, processes and packages seeds using clearly defined quality control protocols. The Agri-Sme specializes in five categories of product namely; field crops, vegetable seeds, seedlings, Farm tools and crop protection. The company improves access to seed by providing transport services to bulk purchase, a software platform for recruitment of input distributors and payment system of agricultural inputs.

According to its proprietor, the need to provide improved seed, increased supply of basic seed and access to markets inspired him to start up the enterprise.  He also adds that farmers need access to: small affordable packages of seed, a cross section of new drought resistant seed in
cereals, fruit, root crops and vegetables as well as access to fertilizers and crop protection products to support efficient use of improved seed, reliable financing and support on how to grow new vegetables and fruits, therefore should be supported.

Since inception, the agri-Sme has  created products with a focus of farmer needs, well versed with the seed quality protocols and are committed to building a robust physical and cloud
distribution networks for increased access of quality seed and continues to actively engage with farmers to evaluate their needs and continuously design products that address their needs.