Founded in 2020, Agro-Sahas International Limited is an Agri-SME that processes organic and conventional products like oil seeds (Sesame), Maize, Soybean and Sunflower into finished products to sell for Animal feed raw materials and human consumption markets.

The SME works in a circular economy where raw materials from farmers are processed, sold to feed companies and exported.  The buyers process bio waste from them, and supply them back to farmers with organic manure and feeds.  The SME works with 10,000 farmers in Uganda certifying them Organic, EU and NOP and procuring from them raw materials.  With this small initiative of 10,000 farmers, Agro-Sahas is able to convert farmers to organic (68%), able to increase their income (22%), and bring financial inclusion.

Since Inception, the SME has registered remarkable progress in production, growth and service delivery. It has managed to build 5 warehouses across 5 towns, on-boarded and impacted 10,000 organic farmers and suppliers, built 17 products, built its customer base to 800 customers and trained 20,000 farmers