The Africa Clean Technologies Fund (ACTF) is a unique multi-pronged program to strengthen domestic markets for green technologies in the East-African region. Rather than being a traditional VC fund, this facility takes the approach of a “match- making” business. It profiles feasible projects where investments can be made, matching them to funders via an alternative/blended financing scheme, which provides cover across the different investment needs of funders and local enterprises alike. The facility promotes increased cooperation among green business promoters by taking a bespoke approach to defining green technology needs, learning and facilitating deal flow using finance and project consulting for commercial uptake by investors.

Project goals

The end goal is to enable the implementation of green technology projects in East-Africa, giving opportunity to local climate smart enterprises to grow, and to provide green energy and better climate adaptation solutions in local communities. To achieve this goal, the facility will address the key challenges faced when attempting to bring much needed impact financing to local enterprises.

• Bankability of green enterprises.

• Accountability and risk management for the funders.

• Under write project weak cash-flows.

Key Facility Interventions

• Aggregation of investment pipeline of large customers with feasible green technology project needs.

• Profiling of interested funders for initial investments, and future funders (thereby allowing previous funders an exit route).

• Design and creation of investment portfolio bundles(s) to match the right investment portfolio with the appropriate funders. Matching can be done on different criteria e.g. cash flow timings, repayment schedules, non-financial expected returns.

• Provide hands-on technical assistance and business advisory for local projects to improve their opportunities to unlock current and future investments.

• Uses technology, blended finance and alternative structures to improve bankability of local enterprises, providing financing through 1:1 debt investment or seeking benefits through aggregation and consolidation.


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