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Agro Processing
Background of Founder: 

We have had the pleasure of working with this very committed and passionate business woman. Her name is Molly Namulinda and she started up a business called Nutri Therapy Beverage. Molly is using avocado seed to make a beverage for tea lovers and can also be used to spice up food. She's made her product with a number of flavors including mint and cinnamon.  Avocado is often referred as a super food because of it numerous health benefits. My best part is, avocado doesn't contain any cholesterol or sodium and low in saturated fat! "  Am happy to continue supporting Molly with business development services that will help her business to grow. May be you might find her product in your kitchen pretty soon. 

Products and Services: 

To create employment for the vulnerable women
To have a caffeine free alternative Beverage on the market that is nutritional, delicious and therapeutic.
To provide a medicinal product that would be cost effective for low income earners.
To make use of the environmental friendly resources for economic development​